Tessitura Serica A.M Taborelli S.r.l was established in 1895 and began its activity as a silk manufacturer for the production of umbrellas, later on turning to the manufacture of Bemberg lining.


In the ‘70s Ambrogio Taborelli took over the helm of the Company, adding women’s clothing fabrics, tiemaking, furnishing fabrics and scarves to the traditional manufacture of lining materials.


Nowadays, Tessitura Taborelli is a leading company in the production of jacquard and plain fabrics, both greige and yarn-dyed. With its warehouse accommodating more than 1.500.000 kg of different dyed yarn sorts and a machine park of more than 400 state-of-the-art looms, the company can guarantee short delivery times, regardless of quantity, combined with the highest quality standards.


The company avails itself of several types of looms (positive and negative rapier looms, with single or double beams..) that allow production of all kinds of fabrics ranging in width from 140 to 330 cm; our jacquard looms feature up to 24.000 hooks and warp setts ranging from 20 to 160 ends/cm.

We can put together all kinds of sample collections, even for very small quantities and in few hours production time.  


Tessitura Taborelli cooperates with a network of firms situated at few km distance from each other, which have been operating in the textile sector for many years.  Their fields of specialization comprise the entire textile process, from throwing to the finished fabric:


- Lei Tsu is presently the largest throwing mill in Italy for polyester and cupro yarns.


- TOT sells several kinds of greige and yarn-dyed yarns, from a minimum of 1 kg to a maximum of 1000 kg per colour, at stock service conditions.


- Tintoria Ambrogio Pessina is one of the most modern dyehouses in Italy with the know-how to dye every kind of yarn with the utmost precision; it boasts perfect colour reproducibility thanks to its new, highly efficient in-house laboratory equipped with the most sophisticated extras available, which it runs in cooperation with Tintoria Portichetto.

- G.T. 2000 is a sectional warping mill with the capacity to warp all kinds of chains. In particular, it is specialized in continuous threads such as Nylon 20 deniers and higher counts, silk, viscose, elastomer and all kinds of A.T. acetate.


- M.D.P s.r.l. is specialized in the production of designs for yarn-dyed fabrics for tiemaking, as well as for clothing and furnishing fabrics, but can cater to all needs in the field of textile design.


- Finisscomo is a company specialized in the processing, treatment and finishing of all types of fabrics.  Decating, schreinering, glazing, transfer and laser printing are just a few examples of the many finishing techniques available.