We help you to define
the style of the moment.

We sell exclusively to Italian and overseas converters and when it comes to the world of women’s fashions, we dedicate extensive resources and painstaking research into aesthetic, finding production solutions, on-trend materials, special treatments,
and cutting-edge yarns.


2 collections a year

divided into summer and winter samples.

+ 1500

composte da innumerevoli proposte a disegno e scelte colore.


for different types of yarn: natural, synthetic and manmade, from the finest to the thickest, in different patterns.


to meet the different needs and demands, to be able to create designs with repeats from 10 cm to 190 cm.

We make quality
and inspire creativity.

Based on collections created by our technical staff,
we make total customisation possible, using the variety of yarns and colours at our disposal.

“Whatever your ideas, we have
a dedicated team with vast experience to work with and advise you so that you can create styles that make the difference.”

Operations that take shape in four product divisions/lines:
womenswear, ties, scarves and furnishings.

Thousands of items that change over the seasons and which represent the ideal connection for the continuing dedication of a family business.

“Now the fourth generation of Taborellis has joined us,
looking to the future with brand new enthusiasm…
our story continues.”

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