Women's Clothing Fabrics

Tessitura Taborelli sells its fabrics only to “converters”, both in Italy and abroad.


Our style department actively assists the customers with its highly qualified support in the development of new ideas and the manufacture of exclusive fabrics, submitting over 1000 different samples for each collection, for a total of over 2000 new proposals each year.


Besides, our customers have access to our archives that contain all the designs of the fabrics we have manufactured in the over 100 years of activity of Tessitura Taborelli.


This is the youngest company department, characterized by great creative spirit and flexibility in adjusting to the customers’ needs, and in producing highly customized products.

Thanks to our jacquard weaving machines that can weave any pattern repeat, we are in a position to manufacture scarves with large designs or to incorporate a logo in any position. Besides, the machines  are fitted with splitz accessories for the making of side fringes.


In our outlet you can view a wide range of finished item.


Thanks to our great number of tiemaking machines  and with almost 200 silk warp colours and 800 silk weft colours, we can fulfil any order without requesting a minimum production order.

Furnishing Fabrics

In 2009 Tessitura Taborelli decided to take up a new challange and enter world of interior decoration. The firm has transferred to this new sector the same efficiency, reliability and flexibility it has always shown in its many years of activity. A team of young managers and competent our motto is: tradition is a value we can cherish, it is not our ball and chain.