Tradition that
looks to the future.

Founded in 1895, Taborelli has continued through the ages, crossing boundaries, revolutions and evolutions, to transform itself from a local-based silk weaver to a modern industrial group.

Today we are one of the largest European producers in the womenswear industry.

Our choices are all customer-focused: we have a developed
a range of bespoke services, featuring speed, creativity and quality.

“But they also include vision and an ability to anticipate styles and trends.”

Creative talent and efficient machinery.

4 product divisions/lines:

womenswear, scarves, ties, furnishings

A network
to bring you speed,
reliability and traceability.

We work with our partners to improve our methods,
as this is the only way forward when it comes to satisfying
all of your demands, especially when they involve large amounts or special treatments and all with rapid turnaround times.

“ From twisting through to the finished fabric, you will always be
in expert hands.”

The quality
As smooth as silk.

It is quality that we have inherited from our founders,
a quality that today guides us through all of our business choices, all strictly aimed at guaranteeing excellence and original creations.

“ When you use one of
our fabrics, we want everything
to go smoothly, as smooth
as silk.”

The spread of our fabrics
throughout the world.

From fashion to furnishing, from ties to scarves, we operate
on all main markets in the west and east, with a competitive
range of items, offering best in class services:

“a certainty for those who choose
to work with us.”


Countries worldwide




Tons of ready-dyed









Pitti Uomo 94 | Firenze 12-15.06.18

Si è aperta alla Fortezza da Basso di Firenze la 94/esima edizione di Pitti Immagine Uomo, kermesse fiorentina dedicata al mondo della moda.

Tessuti rigenerati e filati da scarti

Orange fiber è un progetto imprenditoriale di moda volto alla creazione di tessili sostenibili da rifiuti di agrumi, utilizzando le nanotecnologie e processi di ricerca e sviluppo. I nostri prodotti sono tessili funzionali – ottenuti da rifiuti di agrumi…

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