Tradition that looks
to the future.

Founded in 1895, Taborelli has continued through the ages, crossing boundaries, revolutions and evolutions,
to transform itself from a local-based silk weaver to a modern industrial group.

Today we are one of the largest European producers
in the womenswear industry.

Our choices are all customer-focused: we have a developed
a range of bespoke services, featuring speed, creativity and quality.

“But they also include vision and an ability to anticipate styles and trends.”

our numbers




plants and offices,


kg dyed yarn,


types of yarn in different colours.

A passion
for quality.
A quest for beauty.
A job well done.

Values that are the foundation of our history and of our daily business, leading us to imagine ever new and marvellous solutions. Putting our hearts, minds and the precious workmanship of our master weavers into what we do.

“There are talents
that are handed down naturally,
without any need for words.
It has always been
this way for us.”

Ambrogio Taborelli
President and CEO


On the cutting edge of history:

“Enthusiasm has
its own roots
in history.”

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