A network
to bring you speed,
reliability and traceability.

We work with our partners to improve our methods,

as this is the only way forward when it comes to satisfying
all of your demands, especially when they involve large amounts or special treatments and all with rapid turnaround times.

“ From twisting through to the finished fabric,
you will always be in expert hands.”

We work together
with our partners for you.

Through collaboration with local businesses,
we are able to guarantee the highest standards for our processes, products, and services, and you will never miss out on any market opportunities.

“We have selected and founded a complete,
reliable and traceable textile supply line.”

our partners

is Italy’s largest twisting
mill for polyester and cupro yarns.

sells different types of yarn,
both raw and dyed, starting from a minimum of 1 kg up to
a maximum of 1000 kg per colour, all stock service.

La Tintoria
Ambrogio Pessina
is one of the most modern dyeing plants in Italy, and is capable of dyeing all types of yarn with the utmost precision, and with absolute reproducibility of the required colour. This is also thanks to the new, ultra-efficient and super equipped in-house laboratory, managed in conjunction with Tintoria Portichetto.

G.T. 2000
is a sectional beam warping machine able to warp chains of any type. It particularly specialises in processing filament yarn, such as 20 denier and thicker ply Nylon, silk, viscose, elastomer,
and all types and ply available for A.T. Acetate

M.D.P s.r.l
M.D.P s.r.l.
Specialises in creating
designs for yarn-dyed fabrics for ties, clothing and furnishings as well as being able to satisfy any requirements in the textile design industry.

is a company specialising
in processing, treating
and finishing all types
of fabric. Decatizing, polishing, chintz finishes, and transfer and laser printing are some
of the many different treatments we offer.

Tintoria ILTEP s.r.l.
Specialists in finishing woven and knitted fabrics for
formal and casual clothing.

Iride s.r.l.
Dyeing and finishing plant specialising in dyeing fabrics in mixed fibres (silk, linen, cotton, viscose, etc.)
and in the study of finishes to give fabrics particular hands and appearances.

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