As smooth
as silk

It is quality that we have inherited from our founders,
a quality that today guides us through all of our business choices, all strictly aimed at guaranteeing excellence and original creations.

We apply a strict quality policy both in-house and out, controlling, testing, and monitoring every stage of production with painstaking attention to detail: from selection of materials, through to the finished fabric.

“You can feel it because every fabric we make reflects our quality, the painstaking care that goes
into every detail of prime yarns, and cutting-edge innovations.”

Health, safety, environment, and sustainable development.

420.000 kwh

Saving energy by using solar panels (400,000 kWh) self-produced and consumed almost entirely
by the plant at Parè and Montano Lucino).

1000 mq

Recovering the heat produced by the looms in Romania to heat over 1000 sq m of warehouse.

High efficiency

And again: replacing older looms with next-generation, energy-efficient machinery.

350.000 kWh

Using equipment with LED lighting for an annual saving of 350,000 kWh.

Low impact

Around 240 tons of CO2
not released into the environment which corresponds to planting almost 590 trees in one year.

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